West Coast Eagles everlasting memory

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

At the beginning of the year, Jewel Empire was entrusted with the greatest honour. To create an everlasting memory for the 2018 AFL Premiership winning team, the West Coast Eagles. Instructions on the creation of this ring were simple - to create not just a ring but a memory - a daily reminder of exactly what this band of brothers had accomplished together.

There were a few factors that the team wanted to remember about their premiership-winning season, with both subtle and not-so-subtle symbols in the ring.

The central focus of the ring is the iconic West Coast Eagle head. It’s plated 18-carat gold to signify their 2018 premiership win and features a stone in its eye, which symbolises their eyes were on the prize. Encrusted around the head are 32 small stones that represent the 32-year long rich history of the club. Locking all of this together is a band of 22 sapphires. One for each of the 22 premiership players that played and won the game.

Featured on the side of the ring is the brand new Optus Oval, which signifies the birth of a new era of football in Western Australia. Draped above the oval is a banner that individually personalises each ring by starring the player's guernsey number. This permanently links their contribution to clubs legacy.

Highlighted on the other side is the AFL premiership cup, along with four premiership flags. The cup has been designed as a 3D replica, down to the finest details with the accent of the leaves being gold-plated just like the original. The four premiership flags have been incorporated in the design to pay tribute to the other premiership winning teams at West Coast who paved the way to success at the club.

Finally, hidden underneath the ring on the inside of the band features two crucial elements of the season. The first depicts their dominance throughout the finals series by recording who they played and the final scores of each game. The second, which we think is one of the most important memories to remember is their motto for the 2018 season. FRIENDS. FAMILY. FLAGS. Such a powerful statement didn't need to be featured on display for the world to see, rather just a small tribute to the parents, partners and friends of the West Coast Eagles who have supported their players throughout their football journey. This was one of the very first elements that the players expressed that should be included on the ring when initiating the design process. Good on ya boys!

Championship rings are so much more than just trophy. They are an everlasting memory.