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Deep dive into 2021 AFL Premiership ring

It's AFL grand final week, and we thought we'd celebrate the only way we know how—by forging a picturesque mock-up of a premiership ring that encapsulates the historic season the Western Bulldogs have had this year.

Creating rings and other keepsakes for players and top-level coterie clubs, we've had the great fortune to work with a few AFL clubs over the years. And it'd be safe to say that the Bulldogs are one of our favourites. So it's safe to say we're rooting for the boys in the red, white and blue!

In our eyes, this ring design isn't quite finished yet because every detail matters! We love using features like the final scores as minor 'easter egg' elements as part of our storytelling. Anyway, let's check it out!

Our favourite elements!

So the graphics themselves break down all the storytelling aspects we've added into the ring so far, but we wanted to point out 3 of our favourites:

1. The use of colour/face of the ring

Something about the Bulldogs colours, red, white and blue, make this ring pop at first glance! Combined with the dual-tone of silver and gold, we absolutely love the overall feel of this ring.

The only easter eggs we've incorporated with the face of the ring are the 22 blue sapphires that represent the 22 grand final players. This ring of sapphires encapsulates approximately 26 white stones behind the logo, representing the supporting cast that got the team to the grand final.

2. Optus Stadium theme

The craziness of covid overflowing into 2021 has again affected the grand final for the second year, and we wanted to have an element that highlighted the first grand final to run at Optus Stadium in Perth. What was very important to us was to include all three past premiership flags draped over the stadium, connecting the club's previous and current success to both the players on the field and supporters in the stands.

3. Road to Victory

We love this element because it's a theme and reflection of the entire season as the boys travelled across Australia on their quest to win the premiership. This feature was purposefully hidden under the face of the ring on the inside of the band to pay homage to all the hard work and sacrifices that no one sees. That is until you become champions!

There you have it! As you can see, when we forge a ring, it is so much more than a piece of shiny metal. It's a detailed story of a journey, captured in modern art.

It is a Jewel Empire a championship ring!



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