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Top 5 Jewel Empire Moments of 2018

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

As we head into Christmas and close off the year we wanted to take you through our top 5 moments of this year.


Signing an exclusive partnership with Basketball ACT has been a major highlight of ours this year. After an overnight trip to ACT to deliver products - ACT was so impressed with our commitment to service and quality of our product that they signed us on exclusively as a partner. Since then, we have made a series of Championship rings ranging in all age and divisions. We look forward to continuing this amazing relationship in 2019!


Geelong Supercats this year celebrated their 40th year anniversary. In preparations for their anniversary year they discovered their 2010 SEABL championship team were the only Supercats team to not receive Championship Rings. We were given the amazing privilege of creating a throwback championship ring for the 2010 winning team, which were presented at their Gala event in August. The players were beyond excited to receive their rings. Here are a few of their reactions and the reason why this was such a highlight for us:

‘Memories - and now our own championship ring - that we will all hold dearly. An enormous thanks to ALL involved!’

Jamie Medved

‘Having a ring to go along with the memories is beyond perfect.

I wish I could have been there to share this moment with all my brothers.’


We’ve magnified some awesome relationships this year. Darwin Basketball Association (DBA) is a perfect example having gone from only ordering a small number of rings for their champs, to now ordering over 800 trophies, medals and championship rings for their league and players. After proving our passion for customer service and heading north to hand deliver their late order of Championship rings, we have since strengthened a blossoming relationship with DBA. This will continue in 2019 as we work together to turn championship memories into everlasting rings.

Parting words from the DBA front office:

“(DBA) are forever grateful and appreciative of this customer service and I truly hope I can repay the kindness by sharing this feat and encouraging others to support the wonderful business. Fantastic trophies and awards. Thank you once again! Please share to show our support.”


Our SEABL Men’s and Women’s Championship rings were another exciting moment of the year for us. Seeing the SEABL 2018 Champs wearing our rings and splashing them across social media and in newspapers was a really proud moment. Watching the players enjoy the rings and tell us what they mean to them is the reason we love our job. We create what players want and believe that we should reward effort with effort. We all know how much time, effort, commitment and sacrifice it takes to win a championship. It can be a once in a lifetime achievement so we need to celebrate it in the best way - and the best way is a championship ring.


Late this year we put out a special call-out to find a team worth celebrating. We wanted to find a team that could help us redefine celebration and allow us to tell their story through a championship ring. And found it we did!!! We had many worthy champs but 1 in particular caught our attention. Corio Bay Stingray 2016 Youth League Men Division 2 Champions had an amazing story on and off the court that we couldn’t wait to share with you. In 2019 they will receive their specially designed rings and we are looking forward to sharing the finished product with you.

These are just a few moments that have defined our year. We are looking forward to making many more moments with you next year. Championship Rings symbolise everything it takes to win a Championship and are the award players deserve.

To all our amazing clients, thank you for your support of Jewel Empire in 2018 and we look forward to creating your perfect ring in 2019.


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