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The day they had been waiting for

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

As you may have seen in our previous posts we had been busy working on amazing throwback rings for Corio Bay Stingrays. After winning our throwback ring competition in 2018, Corio Bay gave us the task of commemorating their one and only youth league championship in 2016. Corio Bay Stingray 2016 Youth League Men Division 2 Champions had an amazing story on and off the court and it was an honour to make this moment a possibility for them.

Corio Bay quickly made us part of the family and in April invited us along to watch the Sea Dogs in action and present them with their much-awaited championship rings. These rings meant so much more to them than just some shiny bling on their finger. It was about the brotherhood, the journey, the personal struggles as well as the team’s togetherness and amazing championship memories. The reactions and emotions that we encountered watching the players faces when they were presented with their rings is the reason why we do what we do. The pride of the team and their families was evident and you could see the memories come flooding back. It was a truly special moment.

Their championship winning season was a tough one for the team and a sentimental win for the boys. It was our job to ensure that their championship rings reflected that. You can see the extraordinary details that were included in the ring on our previous blog.

It’s never too late to celebrate a championship!


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