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Redefining Celebration

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Late October, we put a very special call out. We were in search of a team that had an amazing championship-winning story. A story worthy enough, that it would inspire us to drop everything we were doing, and share with the world their road to victory. Through crafting beautiful, intricate shiny pieces of metal. A set of championship rings.

Firstly, we should have known better... Every championship-winning story is a worthy of rings! Inundated with players and coaches from across Australia, we had stories from recent wins, to championships backdating years ago. This is what we live for.

We put our noses to the ground and decided on a winning team. We're very excited to announce that the winners are the 2016 Youth League Men Division 2 Champions, Corio Bay Stingrays!

After speaking with both Mitch (player) and Tim (head coach) about their nail-biting Grand Final, here are some of the moments that caught our attention:

- Finished 4th on the ladder after the home and away season

- Barely won their first round 1 of the final series

- The second round was best of 3. Winning their first game, they then lost their second in over time. In the third game, they were down by 17 at the half and miraculously came back to win it

- Made the Grand Final against Mornington at Mornington.

- Last time they played there, they lost by 56 points

- Again down at the half, a fire was lit and they exploded, winning the game by 23 points

To say that we're excited to have the chance to help them celebrate this triumph would be an understatement. Watch this space as we work closely with Corio Bay, and share with you the process of designing the perfect championship trophy. A championship ring.


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