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2020 has been one hell of a crazy year for the entire world. So we were beyond excited when some members of the Liverpool Golf Club got in touch to create our very first celebratory golf championship rings. As you'll see, we went absolutely all out on these spectacular keepsakes. All to bring just a little bit of joy in these uncertain times.

As always, we started the process off with a very in-depth discussion in regards to the design of the rings. For us, the story behind the ring is just as important as the ring itself. It has to feature intricate details with special meanings to the champions.

Taking inspiration from the shape of the 2017 NBA Golden State Warriors Championship Ring, we went with their dynamic tree logo featured front centre of the ring. This tree design was possibly the most intricate element we've ever put on a ring, leaving us to actually laser the entire face instead of including it in the mould. To further highlight the power of the bold logo, we surrounded it with brilliant blue stones, framed inside gold trim. Topped off with sparkling encrusted stones around the bevels edge of the face.

On the rings right side, we have boldly pronounced the club name along with the division of the champion and the competition year. Acting as a permanent reminder of their tremendous accomplishment.

The left side has been personalised for the champion with their name forever embedded in the ring. Displayed under their name is a 3D replica of the club's actual championship trophy. And to really set in stone their road to victory, we have included their final scores and total strokes on the underside of the ring.

We believe it's these personalised details that make a championship ring the ultimate trophy, irrespective of the sport. And that's why we know every time these rings capture the gaze of the champions at Liverpool Golf Club, they'll be reminded of just that. That their hard work, grit and determination has created their legacy!


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