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It's design time

Since selecting Corio Bay as our champions, we're well and truly underway with the design of their rings. Recently we caught up with Tim O’leary, coach of Corio Bay Stingrays, the 2016 Youth League Men, Division 2 champions. He took us through an in-depth look at their incredible journey as they rose to the top. A very critical task when designing such a personalised award. "We won a Grand Final that we had no right to win, we finished 4th on the ladder after the home and away season," says Tim. "Last time we met at their (Mornington) home court they beat us by 56 points," Down at halftime, Corio Bay went on to win by 23 points. This is just one of the moments along their journey that has influenced the shape and design of their championship ring. Enough talking about it. Check out the design for yourself and see how much thought, time and effort goes into the creation of our championship rings.

It's safe to say, Tim and the team are beyond excited to receive their rings! We're now waiting on the boy's fingers to be sized up, then it's off to production. We will continue to bring you along the journey as we show you our definition of the perfect championship celebration.


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