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Introducing NBL1's Finals Sponsor

The last month has been exciting for us at Jewel Empire Headquarters as we sponsored our first major event. The NBL1 Finals had a brand new sponsorship partner with us and we were beyond proud to be involved. NBL1 is the newest semi-professional league and takes over from the old SEABL competition. NBL1 hit the ground running this year and quickly made a strong name for itself in basketball, clearly becoming the gateway for the player to reach Australia’s pro league NBL. When we were given the opportunity to sponsor their finals event, we jumped straight in.

There were so many amazing moments for Jewel Empire on the night, we are struggling to pick our favourite. From arriving to see our logo on the court, the LED advertising strip circling the court next to other big name sponsors, the Jewel Empire corporate box filled with our Jewel Empire family, our rings taking pride of place during the presentation to seeing the players faces when they received their rings. It was truly an amazing night for the Jewel Empire team to see all their hard work pay off in such a spectacular way.

Our Jewel Empire Founder Troy was on hand to watch over the proceedings. This is what he had to say: ‘It was such an incredible experience to see our names in lights but even more special to watch first hand the reactions and emotions of the players when they received their rings. We hope to continue this relationship well into the future.'

We’ve created an amazing relationship with our friends at NBL1 and now consider them part of the Jewel Empire family. We are proud to be the NBL1 official championship ring provider and can’t wait for next season to roll around. If you want to be part of the Jewel Empire family too, contact us now to create your championship ring and everlasting memory.


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