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Breaking barriers with Big V Basketball

This is the exciting news we’ve been working towards since we started Jewel Empire. Big V Basketball was our first ever championship ring client back in 2015. Since then we have continued to work closely with them every season to bring their top division championship winning teams the ring of their dreams. Along with that, we set a goal with Big V that we finally will achieve this year.

At Jewel Empire, we pride ourselves on making the championship ring dream a reality for every winner, no matter what division, budget, gender or club size. All winners show dedication to their sport, to their club, and work hard to achieve that championship winning moment. Players deserve to be rewarded with an award that’s more than just a generic trophy. Championship rings have meaning and reflect everything that it took the team to get there.

That’s the reason that Jewel Empire and our friends at Big V have made the deal to award every Big V champion with a championship ring. We are excited to announce every divisional winning team from Big V league will be rewarded with an individualise championship ring. We are currently working closely with each team to design a personalised ring that their own journey to become champs.

Keep your eyes peeled for our series of Big V Championship rings coming soon!


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