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20 years in the making for Hawks

On the 13th of July we got to be apart of something special with the Ringwood Hawks. After 20 years, it was finally time to present the Ringwood Hawks 1999 Big V premiership winning team with their Championship Rings. After carefully designing the perfect ring with meaning in every detail (as seen in our previous post), it was time to pass it onto the players and to see their faces light up.

Presentation day was finally here for the team 20 years later. In front of a Hawks home crowd, their families, friends, supporters and current players, these champions were presented with their rings. Watching the joy on their faces is why we love our jobs. The memories and magic moments of that day came flooding back to the players. But not only are throwback rings a great momento, it is the ultimate way to show your players complete appreciation. It’s a thank you for the years of commitment to the club and to the sport, for dedicating themselves and for investing in the club. It’s about the club giving back to the players that make them what they are.

Here is what the players had to say:

Steve Harris: ‘Great for us to reminisce and see the hawks have a great win.’

Steph Harry: ‘Thanks to Kenny and the club for this recognition. Great to catch up with the boys again. This goes straight to the pool room’

Steve Dawson: ‘Wow that was pretty amazing, thank you for the honour. 20 years goes pretty quick.’

Ringwood Hawks have been a special part of the Jewel Empire family. We can’t wait to share more special moments like this with them.


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