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We have four different ring ranges: Budget, Basic, Better, and Brilliant.

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Budget Rings are our budget-friendly range. These rings are priced competitively to compete with your standard trophy. They are one-size-fits-all, and the design is limited to simple texts and logos.

Basic Rings reign as the kings of our budget-friendly range, delivering exceptional value while offering expanded design options that won't break the bank. Design is still limited to simple logos, howeverm you have the opportunity to add custom engraving and stones, adding a touch of personalization and elegance to each piece.


Better Rings embody the perfect balance of quality and value, delivering exceptional craftsmanship without compromising on affordability. Designed as one-size-fits-all, these rings offer unparalleled flexibility in customization, with minimal design limitations. Add a personal touch with player names, numbers, or a combination of both, making these rings a cherished symbol of achievement and individuality.

Brilliant Rings tell the ultimate story. These rings are world-class and use revolutionary jewellery techniques. The only limitation is your imagination when designing a Brilliant ring, as every single part of the ring is customisable! Even the option to size up individual player's fingers. The ability to add some bling is a given, and often used to tell hidden messages of your story. The base metal options are brass, .925 Sterling Silver, or 9ct Gold. You have extensive plating choices with Brilliant rings, being silver, yellow/white/rose gold, or platinum. The ability to have 'dual-tone' plating is also unlocked. We guarantee, these rings are the ultimate sporting trophy.


To learn about ring sizes, click here.

Each and every single ring that leaves our jewellers bench is designed to be of the highest quality. So that means regardless of the category you are looking to purchase, it is our guarantee that you will be receiving a memento that will last a lifetime.

*Please note craftsmanship and techniques differ between our 3 ranges. 

If you're interested in seeing a ring design for your club or association, fill in our design questionnaire by clicking the link below.

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