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Hawks party like it's 1999

In July, we had the exciting honour of helping Ringwood Hawks celebrate their Big V Championship 20th year anniversary. We were given the task of creating a memorable throwback ring which incorporated all the important moments of their historic 1999 win. They wanted a piece of memorabilia which, when given to the players, would bring back all the memories and feelings from that winning moment.

There were a few requests the Ringwood Hawks had when we were discussing the design of the ring including using the 1999 NBA championship ring as inspiration. Using this as a base, we meticulously designed a ring that encompassed the Hawks memories and symbols of their championship.

Starting from the top, the Hawks Logo takes pride of place in the centre of the ring. Bordering the logo are 17 stones representing the numbers of each player, coach, and support staff that played a part in the team’s 1999 success.

On the underside of the ring lies three stones to represent each game in the 3 part series, with emeralds showing Hawk's 2 championship deciding victories.

Featured on the first side of the ring is a record of the Ringwood Hawks winning year embellished with a stone. On the opposite side, we included a personalised touch for each player including their name and jersey number.

Throwback rings are always cherished so much by players. They love receiving a symbol of what that moment meant to them - and to have something to constantly remind them of that winning moment. Championship Rings are so much more than just a ring. They’re an everlasting memory.


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